Scheduled  dates : 12 - 14 August 2014

Theme : Research Reverence : Cultivate, Innovate and Impact

Venue : Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

In academe today, doing research is salient for professional development and self-actualisation. The reverence for research is well-documented in the esteem accorded not only to publication, but also to public forum where oral dissemination of research is made possible. MICOLLAC 2014 duly acknowledges the importance of sharing research among communities in both practises.

To encourage intellectual growth, the forum provides a platform for dynamic discussion from three main trajectories, i.e. languages, literatures and cultures. While the trajectories can be treated discretely, a more complex multi-diciplinary approach is not not ruled out. The theme for the conference provides opportunities for lively paper and poster presentations that focus on relevant research in terms of:

1) the germination of new cutting edge ideas,
2) innovations that can be brought about through research studies, and finally,
3) how research in the fields impacts our lives.

MICOLLAC 2014 invites academics to share their views and research, and welcomes submissions either as paper or poster presentations on the research theme, "Research Reverence:Cultivate, Innovate and Impact". Submission deadline is to be confirmed.

A publication would be in the works for deserving articles on topics that have been presented either in paper or poster presentation. For submission, please refer to the guidelines provided.

The biennial MICOLLAC organized by the Department of English, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia, has a reputation as a comprehensive conference covering areas of languages, literatures and cultures. At each of these conferences (since 1999), we explore how languages, literatures and cultures are constantly evolving.

 MICOLLAC brings together local and international academics, educators, planners and teaching professionals to exchange views and insights on past and current practices in the areas of languages, literatures and cultures with significance for future directions. Attendees will have excellent opportunities to meet colleagues from Malaysia and other parts of the world.